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Artist's rendering of the new Agape Home site under construction.  See Other Links.

The new Agape Home site is located approximately fifteen minutes outside the city of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand.  The parcel is four acres (approx. 120m by 120m), and is situated in the midst of a farming community, surrounded by beautiful rice paddy fields.

The Agape Home has purchased 4 acres of land to enable them to care for substantially more HIV-positive children. The Agape Home plans to be able to care for 100 children in four residential units eventually, plus six mother/infant couples in a separate Mother and Baby Unit. In addition, there will be a school, medical facility, swimming pool and changing house on the grounds for the children's use, plus an office building, workshop, laundry and home for the Director.

The Agape Home estimates construction costs to total $790,000 U.S., plus additional costs for furnishings and other necessities.  The Agape Home cannot do this without your help. Please consider contributing to the building program by becoming a valued donor.









The Mother's Hospice unit as it nears completion.









New unit with the second floor being poured.





The new water tower can be seen in the background of the new unit picture above.

Phase One of the Agape Home Building Project includes those items that must be completed to enable us to move the children out to the land, and begin operating the home from the new site.  Note that additional detail concerning any aspect of the project can be obtained by request.  

·         Mother and Baby Unit.  The Mother and Baby Unit is a six-room living facility for mothers with small children.  It is post and beam construction, single story, in an “L-shaped” design.  The finished building is 240 square meters.  Construction of this unit is 98% complete, with the last of the work being done by volunteer teams.  This building is paid for.  In addition, we have just received a gift of 350,000 Baht for the furnishings for this unit.  This gift is from the American Women’s Club in Bangkok, and will provide most all of what we need to fit this unit out.  


·         Double Accommodation Unit.  The Double Accommodation Unit is a two-story post and beam building in a “T” shape.  The finished building is 2376 square meters, and will house up to 100 children when finished.  Construction of this unit is approximately 20% complete.  We are raising the funds to build the Double Accommodation Unit as we go.  The cost to build this unit is 14,256,000 Thai Baht ($648,000 AUD, $594,000 CAD, and $396,000 USD, based on conservative exchange rates of 22, 23, and 35 Baht to the dollar respectively).   


·         Water Storage and Transport System.  Construction of the 12-meter Water Tower has begun, and the plans are complete for the three water storage tanks.  When the storage tanks are finished, the top area, (actually at ground level), will be landscaped to a useable sitting area.  For water supply, we have dug a 29-meter deep bore that is now operational.  Last year we discovered a natural spring on the property that will help supplement the water supply if ever necessary.  However, the bore is pumping water at a rate that is more than sufficient to meet current and future water supply needs.  We have the funds committed for this work.  

·         Wastewater and Sewage Treatment System.  The system is both anaerobic, and aerobic, and will treat the sewage to a very high standard for wastewater treatment.  Work is approximately 70% complete, and the next steps include digging holes for the sewage storage tanks located outside each building on the property.  We would still like to find a donor to pay for this work.  The total cost for this part of the project is 785,720 Thai Baht ($35,720 AUD, $32,740 CAD, and $21,830 USD).

·         Power Source.  We have engaged a contractor to install a suitable transformer on the Agape site.  Work is underway currently securing all the necessary permits to install the system.  The funds to install the system have been raised.

·         Earth works/grading/drainage/initial landscaping.  The grading work is about 50% complete.  We have also started planting and landscaping the areas where the soil levels are set.  This greatly enhances both the look of the property, and its usefulness as a play area for the regular visits paid by the Agape Home children.  Establishing various plants and trees also helps absorb run-off water, helping prevent erosion.  A conceptual landscape plan and an initial costing are available by contacting the Agape Home.  The funds for this work have come from general funds.

·         Road work.  The construction road is set.

·         Laundry.  99% complete.

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